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Privacy Policy

We at Cherry Articles value your privacy.

We pledge to not sell or otherwise misuse your data with us. However, the site does use cookies to track user data to gauge our own article reach and success. This is simply to measure our hits and misses in reaching the right audience and not for any nefarious purposes.

In other words, your privacy is safe while you surf the site. General carefulness however is warranted in the sense that we advise you not to post your complete email addresses in the comments. These  can be picked up by bots and you may be spammed. When you log in to comment, you personal data will not be visible to all, however if you post personal information in the actual comments, you will be open to such attacks.

When you subscribe to our newsletter, your log in information will be logged into our user data. However, once again, neither will this data be sold to the highest bidder, nor will we ourselves or others affiliated to us spam you with unsolicited information or use your personal information for unethical studies that do not have your explicit consent.

Data that we may collect is limited to:

  • Your IP address
  • Your personal profile and photo if you log in with Facebook
  • Your contact information and email address
  • Your online behavior data while you are on Cherry Articles
  • Other information such as preferences, interests, etc.

Data that we may collect is used for:

  • To understand your needs better
  • To improve our services to target your needs
  • To send you a newsletter that contains information that you will align with what you are searching
  • To customize our website to suit your preferences and online behavior

At Cherry Articles we take every care that your data with us is secure and not at risk of data theft, open to unauthorized use or vulnerable to hacks.

When you allow our website to use cookies, you agree to us collecting such data as mentioned above. This data is only for us to analyze web traffic and their online behavior so as to enable us to improve our website. Please note that neither do cookies give us control of yoru computer in any way nor will our cookies harm your computer in any way.

Should you still wish to disable cookies, you can do so from the settings tab of your internet browser.

Our site contains links to external sites that are helpful to our readers. These sites are authentic and have been cross checked to be the leaders in their field. These are listed purely for providing additional or supplemental information to the reader. We cannot be held liable or responsible for your data when you are on these third party sites. Please ensure that you read the privacy policies of the sites you visit to gain more insight on the data they have on you.

If you wish to restrict the use or collection of you data with us, you can connect with us on admin(at)

Cherry Articles will not lease, sell, or distribute your personal information to any third parties, unless we have your explicit permission. We may only do so if the law requires it of us. If you agree to this privacy policy by using our site, your personal information will only be used to send you newsletter and promotional materials that is pertinent to your needs.