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Having a new baby thrust in your hand immediately after it is born is possibly the most phenomenal feeling in the world, a feeling that is three-quarters love and one-quarters apprehension, trepidation and self-doubt, mixed with a sense of responsibility. From there on begins a journey, that every mom begins and lives on her own, no matter what support system she has around her and no matter how involved her partner is. It is a journey often plagued with self doubt and questions that cannot be freely asked.

Thankfully, the Internet has made it very easy to find the answers without going through the general embarassment of asking silly-sounding questions that no one but a new mother can really understand and appreciate.

Yet, reliable and knowledeable resources are hard to find online, especially when there is an overload of unverified, unreliable and uncreditable blogs floating around the web. We hope you find that one reliable resource right here. We make sure we give out authenticated and well-sourced information. We also give out helpful and legit links to websites that can be of more assistance to new moms. We hope to answer all your questions, however embarassing or silly sounding they may be; and offer solutions to all your problems, however difficult to understand and relate they may be.