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The 9 months of a pregnancy are equal parts beautiful, and equal parts frightening. Along with the feelings of being cherished and pampered are mingled the overwhelming feelings of self doubt. Will I be a good mother? Can I be trusted to keep my baby safe for these 9 months and beyond? Am I strong enough for this responsibility? They say a mom knows best, but I know nothing; will this work? Will I know what to do? So on and so forth.

It is not just the emotional and hormonal ups and downs but also the various physiological changes and physical problems that feature prominently during this phase. Even with the support and help of families, women often find it difficult to navigate through this.

We aim to address some of the issues and problems that are faced by pregnant women, especially here in India, on this page. We aim to provide valuable, verified, fact-checked information on day to day solutions that help can you sail through this upheavel with not just sanity but pure, unadulterated happiness. From conception to birth, you will find all the medical information here, along with practical information on hospitals, help centers, midwives, etc. And of course there will also be home remedies, all the daadi and naani 'gharelu nuskas' that are indigegous to our people, and have been working for 'soon-to-be' mothers across India for centuries if not more.